Who Can Benefit

Who can benefit from DBT?

Whether people are passionate by nature or have just become reactive to life, they can learn to regulate emotions when they want to or when it is important for them to do so – at work, at home, in school and other social settings. The answer is in gaining skills that can be practiced until they become natural to use when feeling overwhelmed or out of control. Until we learn new skills, our actions are often based on what “feels” right in the moment – only later do we realize that these actions might be harmful to ourselves or to important relationships.

DBT might be effective for you if you:

  • find it challenging to contain emotions

  • describe yourself as sensitive

  • encounter intense emotions (fear, anger, sadness)

  • experience real or imagined feelings of abandonment

  • have difficulty building or keeping healthy relationships

  • feel rapid or extreme mood changes

  • experience chronic feelings of emptiness

  • tend to act impulsively when upset and then have regrets afterwards

  • have mixed or alternating anxiety and depression

  • engage in self-destructive thoughts or actions

If you or someone you know seems to be experiencing reactions to life such as these, DBT Center of San Gabriel Valley offers a FREE evaluation with one of our trained specialists. We are available by phone or email as well as confidential contact provided through our “CONTACT US” section of the website. All questions are welcome -we are here to help!

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